43. Dear Plato

43. Dear Plato The symposion of Plato etching on zinc 2 plates 1970 415 x 605 mm For sale

17. Kinderkamer met beer

17. Kinderkamer met beer / Children’s room with bear etching on zinc Dry needle, burin and aquatint 1968 160 x 225 mm For sale

14. Spelen met blokken

14. Spelen met blokken / Playing with blocks Line etching with aquatint on zinc 1968 110 x 142 mm For sale

Simon Koene. Een grafisch oeuvre

Simon Koene. Een grafisch oeuvre / Simon Koene. A graphical oeuvre. Prominent in Dutch contemporary printmaking are a number of artists who share an interest in what has been called lyrical realism. The stillness and intense concentration of their nature studies imbue their prints with a lyrical quality that constitutes an entirely original interpretation of […]

Simon Koene – Etsen

Simon Koene – Etchings A series of recent, at first glance abstract, dry-needle prints marks the end of a period and the beginning of a new one for Simon Koene. That is why he felt the need to account for the development that can be seen in his graphic oeuvre from 1968 to 1990. In […]