My Work

My work originated over a period of 30 years and consists of etchings, paintings, drawings, medals and books. I made my first etchings in 1968 as student at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and concluded my last etching in 1998, leaving an oeuvre of 350 etchings, after which I fully dedicated myself to painting and drawing.

Initially I was inspired by daily life and large world events. My work mainly has a literary character and is experimental in nature. My most important works are Dear Plato(1970)Groot Hollands landschap (1979) en Die goldene Zeit (1988). Starting 1983 the subject of my work changed from Dutch to more oriental topics characterized by etchings of Camels and Egyptian and Mediterranean landscapes and wildlife scenes.

My entire printed oevre is kept at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, but is also for sale here.